Winter Skincare Routine To Defect Dry Skin

Winter Skincare Routine To Defect Dry Skin

Bye Bye Summer: Winter skincare routine to defect dry skin

Winter means cold temperatures, icy winds, and harsh rains that often wreak havoc on the condition of our skin. Despite the extra moisture with the onset of rain and frost, the chill actually has a drying effect on our complexions.

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Winter skin problems can leave you with a dry, flaky, and coarse skin you may never have previously experienced. With the change in season, we say bye-bye to nice summer weather and start googling winter skincare routine to defect dry skin.

Winter dry skin products

Why is my skin so dry in winter?

Your skin becomes so dry in winter because when the air becomes colder, your body has to regulate its core temperature. This means keeping the heat by creating narrower blood vessels.

This leaves your skin prone to becoming dry, coarse, and flaky. Incorporating a strict winter care skin regime is your best defense to fight off the cracks and problems with the onset of the cold.

1. Cleanse with Hydrating Properties

Whether dry, oily, or combination skin, your winter care regime will be all about moisture, moisture, and more moisture. The first step is to invest in a cleanser with moisturizing properties.

According to professional dermatologists, it is paramount that the cleanser used to remove impurities does not strip the surface layer of skin from essential hydration and important oils.

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Do not use cleaners that contain any type of drying or excessive oil soaking ingredients including alcohol. Avoid any soapy cleansers that would dry out your complexion even more.

For the oily skin, hydrating products with an oil-free consistency ensure your skin receives the proper levels of moisture without excess oil.

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2. Incorporate a Facial Mask

Look out for masks with skin rejuvenating and moisturizing properties. A face mask is easy to use. Simply apply after a shower or bath when your skin is soft and pores open.

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This allows the ingredients from the mask to gently soak into your skin. Look out for all-natural hydrating ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil. For oily skin, it is best to incorporate natural ingredients without the additional oils.

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3. Moisturize

The best thing you can do for your skin when the cold arrives is to keep it moisturized. This cannot be emphasized enough! The drop in temperature and humidity leaves the skin dry and vulnerable to damage.

Cracked and dull skin may accelerate fine lines and the general signs of aging. If you want to maintain a supple and youthful complexion, hydrating products are the best solutions this winter season.

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When choosing your moisturizer, it is important to read the label for those extra protective ingredients. Fatty acids in the form of ceramides are exceptional in restoring the softness of skin but also serve as a protective layer against bitterly cold conditions.

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Saying bye bye summer: Winter skincare routine to defect dry skin should include quality moisturizers with ingredients that are tailored to complement the healthy condition and well-being of your complexion.

Although many products are on the market, looking out for specific winter defense solutions can deliver incredible results.

Base your ingredients on its ability to keep moisture locked in. This is the most essential part of maintaining skin health during the winter months. Another ingredient that is a must throughout the year is hyaluronic acid.

4. Hyaluronic acid

This age fighter helps retain moisture, suppleness and it prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

Not only does your facial skin suffer the extremes of winter but also your body. You may find your legs and arms have dry itchy skin that tends to flake.

For quick, easy, and all-over moisture, a body wash with an oil base or hydration is best. Each time you shower or bathe, use the moisturizing wash for nourishment at the cellular level.

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Remember that soapy solutions in your regular body wash and soaps will also dry out your skin in winter. Replace these products with solutions offering extra hydration.

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Should you find your skin is still dry despite a body wash with hydration, it is always a good idea to up your routine by applying a moisturizing product range on your body.

Look for shea butter, grape seed oil, coconut oil, and all rich butter that adds the hydration and protection your skin requires against the harsh winter weather.

5. Keep the Sunscreen On!

Despite a lack of sunshine, do not fail to incorporate an SPF factor into your skincare regime. Even on a seemingly cloudy day, when combined with wind and natural light, UVA and UVB rays can still wreak havoc on the condition of your skin.

By applying an SPF of at least 15, you prevent any risk of exposure owing to sunlight and light conditions. Whether you are spending time indoors or outdoors, lightly apply your sun protection factor in the winter and the summer months. Increase your protection during the summertime.

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For skin repair and addressing dryness, look at products that contain zinc, vitamin E, and photolyase. Photolyase is an enzyme that plays an important part in protecting and addressing damages that are owed to ongoing sun exposure.

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For additional protection and moisture, look out for important antioxidants. Antioxidant-based products are important in preventing free radicals from wreaking havoc on your complexion. It is the most powerful solution to ease skin distress and improve your overall skin wellness.

It is best to choose a serum over a regular lotion or cream as it offers the extra lasting conditioning and nourishment needed during cold temperatures.

Your Winter Skincare Regime

  • Before you notice changes in the condition of the skin, prepare with nourishing ingredients and solutions from cleansers to toners and all-important moisturizers.
  • Many of the products you use in the summer will have to be replaced by alternatives in the winter.
  • For protection against the cold, you are looking for barrier products to protect and soothe including repair solutions to address any dryness, cracks, and dullness.
  • When saying bye-bye summer: Winter skincare routine to defect dry skin is the most important investment you can make for healthy, glowing and supple tones despite a lack of radiant weather.

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