Triisononanoin, Meaning


What is Triisononanoin?

Triisononanoin is a triester of glycerin, a branched chain nonanoic acid and works as a skin conditioning agent. – Wiki

A Triester is a class of special ester which are formed by reactions of glycerol fatty acids and has other three alcohol groups.

A Glycerin is a natural ingredient which is also very important and used in different skin care products. Among the reasons glycerin is used are low cost, efficacy, the versatility of application and popular-old ingredients.

Triisononanoin is used in many beauty products, like creams, makeup, lotions, sunscreen, deodorants, hair conditioners, and skin cleansing.

Is triisononanoin safe on skin?

Due to the some reviews on available data, triisononanoin is considered safe once used at a concentration just like other glyceryl triesters.

There is about 23 glycerin triester found in cosmetics today, they are:

  1. Trilaurin
  2. Triarachidin
  3. Tribehenin
  4. Tricaprin
  5. Tricaprylin
  6. Trierucin
  7. Triheptanoin
  8. Triheptylundecanoin
  9. Triisononanoin
  10. Triisopalmitin
  11. Triisostearin
  12. Trilinolein
  13. Trimyristin
  14. Trioctanoin
  15. Triolein
  16. Tripalmitin
  17. Tripalmitolein
  18. Triricinolein
  19. Tristearin
  20. Triundecanoin
  21. Glyceryl triacetyl hydroxystearate
  22. Glyceryl triacetyl ricinoleate
  23. Glyceryl stearate diacetate

Benefits of Triisononanoin

  • It helps improve old and new scar appearances
  • Reduces stretch marks and improves old scar appearance
  • Improves pigmentation marks and blemishes caused by sun exposure
  • Smooth and tone wrinkled and aging skin
  • Boost skin natural oil

Triisononanoin side effects

Triisononanoin is an ingredient used in products, among this are other ingredients which are also be found on same product. While addressing the side effects it is wise to know that this is a side effect of products which contain triisononanoin like bio oil. This problems does not affect evey other person, because I use it myself and never had issues. But the most common complains are:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Scaling
  • Redness
  • Skin irritation (sensitive skin)

Products with triisononanoin

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