The Right Order to Apply Skin Care Products

Maintaining a healthy beauty regime is important to keep your skin looking and feeling great. From cleansers and toner to moisturizers and scrubs, you may be incorporating these in your skin maintenance plan but are you applying it the right way? We provide simple steps in the right order to apply skincare products to maximize its benefits for your complexion.

Skincare routines have not magically appeared out of thin air or part of an old wives’ tale but is part of actual scientific research. While the pressures of modern living may leave you to tone here and cleanse there, the importance of following the proper skincare regime and in the correct order cannot be denied. You can apply products for a long time and not receive its benefits because it is not being applied correctly. I provide simple but effective tips on maximizing the results you can achieve by following the right order to apply skincare products.

The Importance of Following the Right Skin Care Regime

I’m not saying that your efforts thus far have been completely futile but according to professional research, by using these products in the right order, you increase its benefits.

  • Consideration for each type of skin maintenance product must be determined.
  • When using a moisturizer, apply it to your skin with a gentle massage allowing the hydrating ingredients to absorb with increased circulation.
  • The product should also be applied in consistency depth.
  • Lighter products used first and the richer creams applied later.
  • It is always important to use skincare products that are compatible with your needs.

Your Daily Cleansing Routine Tips


Mornings are a rush for most who do the odd splash or soapy scrub in the shower. I suggest adding a mild cleanser to your daybreak routine. During the night, excess sweat, oil, and dirt can quickly accumulate on the skin surface. Using a cleanser targets the dirt ensuring it is removed and the application of moisturizers can better penetrate your skin.

1. Toner

Toner is the next step. Toning products remove those last layers of dirt but most importantly, it reduces the size of the pores. Decreasing pore size minimizes dirt and oil from entering the pores. For those with oily to combination skin, toners help prevent clogged pores and acne breakouts. The modern toner has been developed in support of specific dermal needs. Toners are best for oily to combination skins and should indicate non-oily and non-comedogenic on the label to avoid blockages and breakouts.

2. Moisturizer

A good moisturizer is a must when investing in a skincare regime. The purpose of moisturizers is to quench your skin but more importantly provide the nutrients and compounds needed to maintain its pH balance and protect against wrinkles and fine lines.

For oily skin, do not make the mistake of avoiding the use of a moisturizer because you have to manage excess sebum. The reason your skin remains oily is that it’s imbalanced. Stripping the sebum with soap or harsh products will dry your skin and create more oil production.

Incorporating a hydrating cream for your skin type creates a balanced result. Oily skin requires an oil-free moisturizer, while dry skin can benefit from deeply hydrating ingredients. Do not forget to choose your moisturizer based on your age. Women after menopause may require collagen boosting and peptide enhancing creams to hydrate the cells at the deepest levels.

Younger skin can benefit from lighter applications. To determine which product is best, look at the pressing issues of your complexion. Fine lines and wrinkles require firming and anti-aging solutions while skin prone to breakouts may need ranges containing salicylic acid. The problems you wish to address should be managed with your choice of a skincare product.

When applying your hydrating creams, use your fingertips to gently massage the product onto your face and neck. The movement stimulates circulation and encourages greater absorption of the listed ingredients.

The right order to apply skincare products is to first use a general moisturizer and then an SPF to protect your nose, cheeks, forehead, and neck against harsh UV light.


1. Cleanser

Cleanser must be used before you sleep. It removes the dirt and oil that have accumulated through the course of the day. The pores are cleared of debris responsible for the formation of acne and irritation. Again, your choice of cleanser must be compatible with your skin type. Cleansers in a cream formulation are great for dry complexions while water-based or purified water cleansers support oily skin tones.

2. Scrubs

A scrub or exfoliator should be applied after your skin is cleansed. The dead skin cells and bacteria that have developed through the day are effectively removed with a mild exfoliator. Never use a facial scrub daily. A simple exfoliation 2 to 3 times weekly should suffice.

3. Toner

Apply your toner before bed to reduce pore size and remove bacteria. Incorporate toners compatible with your skin to maintain cleanliness and balance.


4. Special Treatments

From eye care to treat uneven skin tone, use your specific treatments after toning, and wait a few minutes before applying your night cream.

Night Creams

Before you sleep, apply a night cream or a supportive serum. To prevent fine lines and wrinkles include undereye treatments containing retinol A. It is best used at night because these ingredients can make the skin sensitive with sun exposure. Serums rich in collagen-boosting compounds and antioxidants replenish at a cellular level, fight against fine lines and sag and provide a beautiful glow upon waking.

right way to apply make up products

Your Beautifying Regime

The correct order to apply skincare products is determined by the time of day and your complexion needs. Always incorporate a good SPF for the daytime and apply your eye treatments at night. Now that you are familiar with the right order to apply skincare products, you will notice the incredible benefits achieved when applying it, this enriched and enhancing ranges on your complexion.

Identify skin types, problem areas and the adverse effects caused by aging. Sticking to this regime can produce an incredible and lasting glow.


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