Effect Of Menstrual Cycle And Hormones On The Skin

Effect Of Menstrual Cycle And Hormones On The Skin

Your Period can bring about a lot of change from dealing with those dreaded bloody days to mood swings and cramps. Just when you thought there is nothing more than you have to deal with during your period, you suffer a sudden acne outbreak! The effect of the menstrual cycle and hormones on the skin can be significant. From dry to oily skin or a dull complexion, it is best to plan those selfies long before that time of the month.

List of products for menstrual circle on skin

Although unpleasant and difficult to handle, your period is part of your bodily cycle and the best you can do is to prepare for these changes. While some women may not notice too much alteration in their complexion for the rest of us, oil, pimples, blackheads, and irritation become a reality. The changes in the skin are largely attributed to hormones. Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with your menstrual cycle, hormones, and the influence it has on the condition of your skin.

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Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle and Hormones on the Skin

Dermatologists have stated the skin is affected by the different hormones released throughout the cycle. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone are primarily responsible for skin difficulties during the menstrual cycle. Understanding these hormones as part of the entire reproductive cycle will assist in managing your skin condition.

The initial part of your period is influenced by large volumes of estrogen as it is preparing the body for fertility. Progesterone’s role is to prepare the uterus should fertilization take place. The different hormones at work will have different effects on your skin. This is why you may only notice changes during a particular part of your cycle which may include the first or the second half. You can prepare to manage the condition of your complexion upon the arrival of your period.

Effect of Menstrual Cycle and Hormones on the Ski

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1. The Start of Your Period

The first sign of your menstrual cycle includes the normal bleeding and cramps associated with your period. This stage of the cycle your body is under the influence of progesterone and any minor spots or oiliness may slowly start to decrease. During this time, keep moisturizing your skin during this time even if it appears oily.

A mattifying moisturizer can prevent excess oil from causing high shine and pore clogs responsible for acne. It is a combination of progesterone and testosterone that is responsible for the development of acne.

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2. The End of Your Period

The end of your period may be a relief, but your body will soon begin to increase in estrogen as the fertility cycle continues. The oiliness will decrease with the appearance of estrogen. This is where it is important to understand the effect of the menstrual cycle and hormones on the skin.

3. Nearing Your Period

When the time is getting closer to those dreaded blood runs, your progesterone levels will begin to peak. This hormone is responsible for the production of oil and causes the pores to become clogged with dirt and sebum. It is the excessive sebum that causes fine pimples and slight inflammation.

The best approach to managing a full-blown acne breakout is to invest in a good skincare regime and a healthy diet. While hormones will continue to have an influence on your complexion, taking the right steps can minimize the severity of spots and inflammation. The effect of the menstrual cycle and hormones on the skin will depend on where you are in the cycle but sticking to a good cleansing, toning, and moisturizing schedule can make the biggest difference.

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When you notice your period approaching, cut out the highly processed and fatty foods. These can wreak havoc on your complexion when your hormones are taking over your body and skin. Fast foods, sugars, and saturated fats must be consumed in minimal amounts or removed from the diet.

Drink plenty of water, tea, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Providing your body with the minerals, vitamins and general nutrition required will ensure that it is equipped to manage these stressful changes. These will help manage the effect of the menstrual cycle and hormones on the skin.

4. A Healthy Skincare Regime

Your skincare routine should consider oil combating products including cleansers that remove the dirt and bacteria responsible for the formation of spots. Clean your skin day and night and always remove all makeup that may cause further irritation.

What Not to Use

  • Avoid very harsh products including toners that contain alcohol. Alcohol-based products are astringents and strip the skin that could leave it dry and prone to additional irritation.
  • Do not use soaps that would be too harsh and stripping causing more oil production and more pimples.
  • Do not fail to incorporate a moisturizer despite having oily skin. The balance of the skin needs to be maintained during this time and cannot be effectively managed if it does not remain well hydrated.

5. Cleansing

Purchase a cleanser that is specifically formulated for oily or combination skin. This includes labels such as oil-free and non-comedogenic. It will remove the surface dirt and debris without causing additional oil to form and clog the pores. The effect of the menstrual cycle and hormones on the skin is managed externally with the appropriate skincare products.

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6. Toning

If your pores are large, applying a mild toner helps reduce its size and the occurrence of acne. You do not want your pores to enlarge and the risk of becoming clogged. Pores can also appear enlarged as an effect of the menstrual cycle and hormones on the skin.

7. Moisturizer

Once you have cleansed and toned, use the appropriate moisturizing cream. A day moisturizer should contain an SPF to protect against the harsh UV light.

You can use a mattifying moisturizer when your skin is most oily during the cycle. When you are nearing the end of your menstrual cycle, a regular hydrating cream is best applied to maintain balance.


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The Management of Hormones During the Menstrual Cycle on Your Skin

When your skin changes upon the changes of your menstrual cycle, a tailored skincare regime is recommended. It prevents problems such as acne and inflammation. These problems cause great irritation and prevent you from going out and feeling good because of unruly spots and oil!

When your period arrives, be sure you are aware of the effect of menstrual circle and hormones on the skin, eat well, stay hydrated and change up your skincare regime as best as you can and you may just prevent those dreaded spots and skin problems from taking over!

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