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I remember when I found out about my pregnancy, my worse fear was having stretch marks. I Would always tell my friends that I wouldn’t mind putting on 50kg weight on, at least that I can work on and loose. But with stretch mark, it seemed impossible to clear out.

And then came the interrogation phase, whenever I’m out and sees any women with a child, i’d start harassing them with stretch mark questions, if they had, if they didn’t, how they managed it, what they did not to have it, what they didn’t do, what was used, what food they ate, what food they didn’t eat , and so on and trust me I can interrogate better than an FBI agent.

As expected, I got all of those answers, some right, some wrong but one thing they all had in common was they were individual and REAL experiences. And with me that was so worried about not having any stretch marks, I did everything I was told, literally everything.

First, someone told me to never allow my tummy be dry, I should always oil and moisturize constantly. oh boy, was I moisturizing/ I kid you not. I change my bedspread like 2-3 times a day, simply because it was always filled with oil and moisturizes and what not.

Another popular response I got was, Don’t scratch when it itches.And if you’ve ever been pregnant you know when the tummy stretches it itches. Oh boy I will be dying, but will never scratch and the funny part about this itching is it doesn’t occur only on the tummy, it goes on to any part of the body that is prone to develop stretch marks like the arm, bum, thighs and also the back of my legs. you can imagine having to sit that an experience that level of discomfort and not scratch.

YES, I was that person. I was that vain and committed.Hold on before you begin to judge me, it all paid off. I didn’t develop any stretch marks and even the ones I had before faded. oh yes, they did. I have always had stretch marks on my arm ( I have the very popular Christian mother arm, bigger than every part of the body), my bum and back of my legs, hence the commitment.

Apart from getting personal experiences from real people, I still did a lot of research. and I think all that has helped me in having a vast knowledge of stretch marks in general as well as preventing them during pregnancy and how to treat them when they eventually appear.

Stretch mark in a simple definition, are narrow lines that occur on the skin surface. and can appear in a different color based on your skin tone, they can be red or purple or darker and will gradually fade than to silvery color. they usually occur on the skin where fat is stored and has been stretched like thighs, breast, tummy, upper arm and sometimes around the shoulder.


Stretch marks occur in different stages in life and mostly depends on your skin type and how elastic it is. Genetics can also play a part in whether you will have stretch mark or not. So basically not everyone will have the stretch mark.

The common mistake that so many people have is the idea that stretch marks happen to only people that are overweight, Sis don’t lose hope even my size zero friend have more stretch marks on their breast than my size 14 self. fact is,it can happen to any body based on those three factors listed above, ie skin type, elasticity and genetics.
And its often occurs during puberty, rapid weight gain and pregnancy.


I bet a few of you have just asked your sisters, aunties, cousins if they had stretch mark during pregnancy just because I just said genetics plays a huge role, well if they had theres no need to panic good news is it can be prevented. heres a few practical steps,

1. weight loss and gain.

whether you want to loss weight or gain some, just do it in gradually.loss weight with sense. no need to yo-yo your way to the top, trust me I am the president of yo-yo dieters, sis it always backfires. this applies also to my skinny babies that wants some thickum, eat the burger with sense, so you skin doesn’t over stretch or shrink rapidly.


There are some products you can get her the counter the works magic.Based on research and personal experience, I prefer oil or creams that are oil based. some people used gels which I tried but it was too tacky and made me uncomfortable. the key to effectively see result is the apply generously. APPLY GENEROUSLY. especially during pregnancy, never allow those areas to stay dry, bath in these oils.

3. avoid scratching

Personally, I take this scratching situation more serios than the rapid weight loss and gain. especially when you scratch on dry skin. I have had an experience where I scratched my thigh so hard that it left three red line that lines that never faded and after a while, I started noticing stretch marks forming from those exact same lines. So when it itches and you feel the need to scratch just gently massage the area with oil or cream whichever you have. No digging of fingers.


Prevention we all know is better than cure but if you are too busy or too stressed to do those steps listed above, you still can treat it.luckily stretch mark can sometimes fade on there own though not completely, you can speed up the process by still continuously, consistently and generously applying these creams and gels to affected areas.

Lastly there Laser treatment, which doesn’t not completely fade them but can make them less noticeable and to me unnecessarily expensive. you can go for it if you can effortlessly afford it but for us that are still in that zone, oil does the same job perfectly.

finally, this post is not about condemning or insulting anyone with stretch mark or saying its a bad thing to have stretch mark during pregnancy, its not people like to where there scars differently especially mothers, which is ok. but for the few of us like me that can not do without crop top, then here it is.



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