Skincare Routine for Oily Acne Skin

First thing to note, drink water. A lot of it.

Keeping your skin looking fresh and free from blemishes can be achieved with the correct skincare products and daily routines. Oily or combination skin is difficult to manage if you do not invest in the correct applications. The production of excess sebum increases the risk of blocked pores, blemishes and inflammation. Applying vigorous cleansing routines or scrubbing the skin could cause additional irritation and poor healing. If your skin is not properly managed, you cause ongoing breakouts and scarring. Squeezing spots is not recommended as injured skin could leave dark patches and uneven skin tone. With an effective skincare routine for oily acne skin, you can minimize blemishes and achieve a beautiful, smooth, supple and manageable result.


When to Introduce a Skincare Routine

If you are suffering from excessive oil production, it not only leaves blemishes to form but creates an unappealing shine that is difficult to manage. To correct the imbalance and imperfection, the correct cleansing and hydrating regime must be applied in the morning and the evening. Introducing products to maintain the correct skin pH and balance will prevent excess oil production and the clogged pores responsible for acne.

Most people will introduce regular washing with a soapy solution to remove the oil. Unfortunately, products that are not compatible with your oily complexion will strip the skin leaving it dry. This causes additional sebum production and continuously clogged pores. It becomes a vicious cycle and makes the ability to manage your complexion naturally, increasingly difficult.

Introduce a skin management regime in the morning and the evening. This will help control oil production and provide a smooth clean surface you can maintain. The management plan should be introduced from your 20s including the use of anti ageing  products.


The Best Routine for Oily Skin

The first step is to scrap the products you are using because it does not work. Any cleanser, moisturizer or exfoliator purchased for an oily complexion must be non-comedogenic or oil-free. This means its ingredients will not cause major clogs that lead to the formation of pimples.

An oilier skin will have large sebum glands and produce significant amounts of oil. The best means to prevent oily skin is to keep its hydration balanced. While you may believe oil prone skin does not need hydration, it certainly does! The reason for the greasiness on your skin is because it becomes too dry and attempts to restore moisture by producing extra oil. When you wash the oil away with a soap or soap based formulation, it leads to more dryness and more oil to compensate for the imbalance.

We suggest oil-free products offering a mild form of hydration to keep the cells moisturized and nourished without triggering excess oil production.


Caring for Your Skin in the Morning

Your skincare routine for oily acne skin should start with a cleansing gel. The gel lacks oiliness and helps remove surface impurities without proving too harsh.

The reason for increased acne breakouts is owed to the bacteria allowed to accumulate within the oil. Avoid products containing sulfates when washing your skin. Soap will cause more dryness and irritation resulting in additional breakouts.

Incorporate a toner once you have completed cleansing. Toners help close the pores and reduce its appearance, necessary for an oily complexion. The toner must not contain alcohol.

While it is difficult for those with an oily skin to find a compatible sunscreen, failing to apply an SPF simply causes risk of sun damage and premature aging. You want to invest in a matte finish that minimizes pores and oil. Zinc Oxide is a great ingredient to counteract oil in a sunscreen and on your skin.

To tackle current blemishes apply creams with salicylic acid in small doses. The acid targets swelling, inflammation and is anti-bacterial helping to reduce the redness and the size of spots.


Skincare Regime in the Evening

The introduction of a serum containing retinol is a suitable hydrating solution for the evening. Retinol cannot be applied in the morning as it increases skin sensitivity when exposed to light. It helps minimize pores to reduce oil production.

Incorporate a cleanser that is compatible with oily skin.

Oily skin can benefit from the use of a clay mask. It is best not to use it more than once weekly and to remove the application before it begins to dry out. The ingredients should be vitamin enriched.


Simple Skincare Tips for Oily Complexions

If you have run out of cleansers or compatible facial washes, do not use soap to wash your face. Simply run clear water and perform a gentle massage to rinse the dirt off the surface. It prevents drying out your skin.


Combination Skin

While a combination skin suffers from mild oily patches, it is characterized by dry and oily areas along the face. If you are affected by combination skin, use the toners recommended for an oily skin but only a lightweight facial moisturizer needs to be applied. Hydrate your complexion morning and evening to avoid suffering from blemishes in targeted oil patches.

Do not fail to incorporate a quality sunscreen that is compatible with your skin tone. If you are going to spend time in a dry environment including air conditioned offices or dry cold temperatures, mild face oil may be applied to restore moisture. Simply rub a small amount of oil between your fingers and spread gently across your face.


Caring for Oily Skin

If you suffer from greasiness across your skin, do not wash your face excessively and remain mindful of the products used for your skin type. Generic brands claiming to provide all-purpose hydration should be avoided. While you do not have to purchase the most advanced and costly products, reading labels and ensuring compatible ingredients will manage the matte, beautiful condition across the face and neck.


If you continue to suffer from severe blemishes and scarring, meeting with an aesthetician can provide effective skincare solutions including laser treatment. Determine which options are most suitable for your beauty needs.





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