Natural Home Remedies for Acne Spot and Blackheads

Digging my fingers into my face, was like therapy to me. You know some days when you are deep in thoughts and the only thing that aligns with thinking deep is popping blackheads, that pain is satisfying. Disgusting i know, but if you know, you know. We’ve all been there, especially those puberty stage when having a skin care routine sounded like luxury instead of a necessity. Another reason why i’m grateful for science.

The unpleasant breakout or odd pimple can ruin your day, more so if you were planning a date or night out. While everyone will suffer from pimples at some stage, it is when these breakouts become chronic, excessive and difficult to control that it creates significant problems. Many conventional products are available however, pills and steroid based creams may not be compatible with all acne sufferers and can also prove incredibly expensive. Natural home remedies for acne spots and blackheads may provide relief and help prevent blemishes from occurring in the future.

The Difference Between Acne and Blackheads

To understand how to effectively treat black heads and blemishes, it is important to distinguish between the causes and effective treatment.

Black heads are the clogs that form in the skin pores forming a small yellow to black bump. The clogs are caused by high levels of sebum production, dirt and debris that remain on the skin surface. While the dirt remains deep within the exposed hair follicle, you notice a black spot on your skin as the dirt become oxidized.Natural home remedies for acne spots and blackheads


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There are many causes for blackheads from genetic factors to oily skin, poor skin care regimes, cosmetic clogs and chronic stress.

If blackheads are not effectively treated and bacteria left to accumulate, these spots can transform into a pimple or complete acne breakout. Whether you are affected by blackheads on your face or your body, natural remedies can assist in addressing the adverse effects caused by blemishes.

Natural and Home-Based Remedies for Black Heads and Pimples

To remove and prevent dreaded blackheads, many natural remedies for pimples are available. Home treatment for black heads ranges from cinnamon to baking soda applications. When applying these alternative solutions, always remain aware of skin sensitivity and stop immediately if discomfort is noted. Always combine home remedies for acne with a skincare regime to remove excess sebum responsible for blackheads and blemishes.

Cinnamon Natural home remedies for acne spots and blackheads

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Cinnamon is not only a great natural treatment for general well-being but also assists in the removal and prevention of blackheads. Combine cinnamon and a small amount of lemon juice to create a paste. Use the paste as a face mask. Apply regularly until black heads have cleared.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is a common home remedy for blackhead treatment. If you have dry sensitive skin exercise precaution with this solution owing to its acidic consistency. To use lemon juice for blackheads, simply rub a raw lemon or its juice onto the affected zones on your face. Leave it on for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse off. Repeat until blackheads diminish.

TurmericNatural home remedies for acne spots and blackheads

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Turmeric is characterized as a bright orange to brown powder that is a widely used spice for its fragrance and flavor. It as powerful healthcare properties and has been used as a natural remedy for blackheads. Create a turmeric paste by mixing with water or liquidized mint. The paste is best applied to the skin where blackheads and blemishes are prominent. Leave it on the skin for 10 minutes and wash off. It also helps in skin brightening.


This sweet and sticky substance has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Honey can be used on its own as a treatment paste or combined with lemon juice or oatmeal and applied as an exfoliant. Do not leave the treatment on your skin for longer than 10 minutes.Natural home remedies for acne spots and blackheads


For pimples and blackheads causing skin inflammation, crush an aspirin, create a paste with a small amount of water and apply to the red and irritated areas. Leave for a few minutes and reapply until the inflammation has reduced.

Baking Soda

Pour a small amount of baking soda into a dish. Mix with water to develop a paste and apply to the face. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse off your skin. It helps remove and prevent blackheads.


Aloe creams and drinks are easily purchased at a local store. Ensure the aloe is all natural and does not contain any chemical additives. Where blackheads and pimples have caused red and irritated areas on your skin, apply the Aloe Vera gel. It helps soothe inflammation naturally.

Witch Hazel

For the odd pimple, consider a witch hazel solution. While it is not the best for blackheads, it does assist with drying out current acne spots. Use in very small amounts and always test an area of your skin before proceeding with full treatment. Witch hazel is a natural solution an often used in combination with rose water as toners.


This natural acne remedy is a powerful anti-inflammatory solution. You can purchase products containing the ingredient or create your own paste with the dried herb. Simply purchase chamomile tea, empty the contents of the tea bag into a small amount of water. Form a paste and apply this to the red areas on your face. You can also create a natural soothing cleanser by allowing a tea bag to soak in boiling water wait till cool then apply as a regular cleansing application.

Why Choose Natural/Home Remedies for Acne Spot and Black Heads

Keeping your skin clean and clear is best achieved with natural remedies for acne and blackheads. While blackheads are stubborn and difficult to eliminate, consistent home-based acne remedies can make all the difference. Trying natural ingredients for blackheads you may have in your home will also save on the exorbitant costs of conventional acne treatment.

Natural home remedies for acne spots and blackheads

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It prevents exposure to harmful chemicals that cause adverse effects on the natural health and suppleness of your skin. Do not squeeze blemishes and blackheads because it spreads the bacteria to other areas of your face and caused high levels of inflammation and bruising.

Always consider a healthy diet and drink plenty water to ensure you flush toxins and keep skin replenished. Incorporate a daily skincare regime with products that are compatible with your skin type.

With natural or home-based remedies for acne, mild spots and blackheads you can be well on your way to achieving a beautiful, clearer complexion.



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