Is 20s The Best Time To Start Using Anti-Aging

Is 20s The Best Time To Start Using Anti-Aging

 With a range of moisturizers, exfoliators, and serums on the market each promising to protect against the formation of fine lines and blemishes, knowing when to apply such rejuvenating products will make a difference in the health of your skin. While adolescent skin requires a gentle hydrating cream with an SPF to prevent sun damage, more intensive routines should only be incorporated in your 20s.


The answer to the question is 20s the best times to start using anti-aging, is YES. We look at the reasons behind early skincare and the best products to apply to minimize problem skin later in life.

Research has shown that starting a good skincare regime at the right age can minimize the effects of premature ageing

The phrase: “prevention is better than cure” rings true when managing dermal health. Your skin consists of cells and tissue of different layers including

  • The upper layer,
  • The epidermis,
  • The dermis,
  • The connective tissues referred to as the hypodermis.

To maintain a supple, smooth complexion the dermis and epidermis should be protected against sun damage, free radicals, and environmental contaminants. It also requires deep hydration and products to maintain its pH, minimizing severe dryness or excess oiliness.

Understanding which products to apply in your twenties can help you create a simple care routine to apply in the morning and evening. Specific ingredients help to maintain collagen for skin elasticity while preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin content provides cellular nourishment to restore the damage and keep skin well-protected. Before you rush out to purchase a popular brand of moisturizer or anti-wrinkle cream, we look at the most applicable skin-nourishing ingredients that should be applied in your 20s.


20s Skincare Tips:

  • Your skin in your 20s appears soft, smooth, is free from wrinkles, and tends to be resilient against the sun and most forms of damage.
  • While this is true and convenient in your 20s as you age things will begin to change drastically.
  • When in your 30s to 50s, the minimalistic approach adopted when you were young could reveal its ugly head later in life.
  • To avoid unnecessary lines, dark marks, and sun damage, starting your skincare regime in your 20s is the best approach.
  1. The first tip to keep your skin looking clean and clear is to always remove make-up at the end of the day. 
  2. A major contributing factor to blemishes and dark marks is leaving cosmetics on your skin, failing to clean your pores.
  3. The application of mild water-based or milk type cleanser is ideal for removing makeup at night while unclogging pores to minimize spots.
  4. Invest in a moisturizer containing helpful skin ingredients including vitamin E and C.
  5. It must contain an SPF to protect against UVA and UVB damage. The sun is a major contributing factor to premature aging.
  6. Sun damage will cause fine lines, crows feet, and dark spots to emerge in your 30s.
  7. If you wish to maintain a taut and beautiful complexion without having to spend time and money on corrective creams, invest in an SPF of at least 30 and upwards.
  8. Reapply sunscreen after swimming or spending time along the beach. It is a simple precautionary measure that should be incorporated through summer and winter.
  9. Apply sunscreen underneath your eyes during the day.
  10. The most delicate area is your under-eyes and it should be provided light moisturization to protect the skin.
  11. When applying make-up to this area, always lightly dab or use a cosmetic brush. It avoids stretching the soft skin.
  12. Use the correct balance of skin care products in your 20s to prevent clogging your pores.
  13. Simple cleansers and moisturizers are sufficient.
  14. It increases the risk of blemish formation.
  15. Never squeeze your pimples! It risks the spread of inflammation and the formation of dark spots across your complexion. Breaking the skin also risks infection.
  16. Stop using an adolescent soap wash and invest in a mature cleanser.
  17. Choose cleansers with a milky consistency that is mild and compatible with your skin type.
  18. Apply a daily cleanser to remove surface dirt and oils responsible for blemishes and damages.
  19. Choose a moisturizer suited to your skin type.
  20. If your skin is dry, an oil-based cream that is rich and nourishing can lock in moisture.
  21. Oily or combination skin should use hydrating products that are oil-free.
  22. Always check the labels.
  23. The item should state non-comedogenic or oil-free to prevent excessive oil and clogged pores.

Is 20s the best time to start using anti-aging?

Yes, investing in a simple but effective skincare regime can prevent many of the damages and deterioration that become apparent in your 30s, 40s, and 50s. The formation of fine lines and large sunspots across your face that appears in your 30s is largely owed to a lack of sunscreen in your 20s.

While your skin may appear toned and beautiful at a young age, it will not stay this way as you age unless you take steps now to protect it.


If you are prone to blemishes, incorporate a skincare regime to balance the natural pH and oil balance. Women often suffer from spots including blackheads in their 20s.

Utilizing products containing Salicylic acid, antioxidants, and vitamin E help address the pimples while soothing areas of inflammation.

Blemishes are not isolated to your adolescent years and may continue to plague your well-being and aesthetic interests into your 20s. By incorporating a cleansing, hydrating, and mildly exfoliating solution you can minimize clogged pores and spot formation.

Avoid using products developed for very mature skin.

You only need a simple skincare regime in your 20s.

Once you age, the alternative conditioners and replenishing ranges can be used to address the next stage in your skin health.

Incorporate a healthy diet and keep hydrated to maintain a beautiful complexion.

What you put into your body is as important as your skincare routine.

Adhering to these steps in your 20s will go a long way to protect against aging. It ensures your skin remains smooth, wrinkle, and spot-free, making it easier to manage later in life.


In these current times where Botox is as usual as going to buy butter from an off-license shop, won’t you be happy if you know how to save that money or better still prevent wrinkles for time. When we hear the word anti-aging, most people automatically think it starts to appear in the 40s.

But my dear, with the number of fast foods, processed and canned foods, makeup, and products that are being introduced to us at younger years, it seems like we are now aging in dog years.  Have you ever noticed that these days, if you put two women side by side with each other, one age 21 and the other 40, you might not be able to tell the age difference?

The reason is that girls tend to grow faster these days than in the 80s and 90s when most products you can see on peoples face is a black liner and mascara.

Women, generally are scared of the 30s. As soon as we start approaching their 30s, we start introducing a lot of products, trying to relive the 20s. we start our rituals, exfoliating and moisturizing as though our life depends on it. 

With skincare results just don’t appear after a few days, just like weight loss, it takes consistency and time. It also has nothing to do with the price tag of the product, you can easily use a drug store product and be very consistent and get the same result as a high-end product.


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