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How to Prevent and Treat Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles and puffiness below the eyes are common problems that most find impossible to manage. Shades of blue and purple surrounding the eyes contribute to a tired, stressed and overworked or aged look. It is often genetic but can be related to allergies and is worsened by a lack of sleep, allergies and poor skincare among other factors. Also known as raccoon eyes, it is important to understand why dark circles appear. Both cosmetic and natural ways to combat its appearance are explored to determine the best relief efforts.  We look at how to prevent and treat dark circles under the eyes.


What are Dark Circles and Why Does it Appear?

Dark circles are the blue to purple shades and mild puffiness that form under the eyes and in the crease near the nose. Skin irritation, blood vessel dilation and hereditary factors contribute to the intensity of its color. While the bad news is that dark circles cannot be cured, the good news is that it can be managed and the severity of its appearance reduced. First you need to determine the cause for your circles.

Maturity: The decreased natural collagen in your skin makes veins and dark patches more prominent.

Hereditary: Stretched capillaries, thinned under-eye skin, and genetic factors causing the accumulation of blood will cause an intensified blue to purple shade in this area.

Sinuses: The trigger of sinus in response to the change in season increases the intensity of dark circles. The body responds to the foreign allergy causing particles by releases large volumes of histamine. The histamine causes blood vessel dilation commonly noted under the eyes.


Owing to the varying causes for the blues and purples below your eyes, there is no single treatment that will provide the same result for all persons. Dark circle sufferers are advised to incorporate multiple techniques to address the intensity of the swelling and poor coloration.


Keeping Your Skin Bright and Healthy

The maintenance of dark circles is best achieved with a deeply nourishing and moisturizing product including an SPF of at least 15. When your dermal layers are well hydrated and provided sun protection, it keeps surface layers bright and minimizes the amount of irritation the skin suffers. The safest way to keep your skin bright and healthy is by including a vitamin C based product. This essential skin promoting vitamin can work wonders in refining unappealing dark circles while protecting against damages.

A major factor responsible for the appearance of blue and purple under-eye circles is a lack of collagen and severely thin skin. With an increase in maturity, there is a decrease in the amount of collagen produced. You can improve the amount of collagen in your skin by applying products with niacinamide. This ingredient is suitable for lasting hydration and it delivers a collagen boost where it is needed the most.


Use a retinol cream that consists of vitamin A. Vitamin A produces collagen, hyaluronic acid and supports the repair of the skin at a cellular and tissue level. If you are affected by puffiness and dark circles, the regular application of this product should provide sufficient relief. Before rushing out to purchase a retinol, ensure it is compatible with thin and sensitive skin.


Natural Alternatives to Decrease Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Learning how to treat and prevent dark circles under the eyes requires a combined approach. The use of retinol creams and moisturizers with natural remedies can minimize such under-eye coloration from returning.



You can apply special caffeine containing creams on the soft and puffy skin below the eyes to address the issue of dilated blood vessels. Both creams and tea bags that contain caffeine are applied to the under-eyes to restrict blood vessels contributing to the undesired appearance. Be sure to place the cream or the teabags into the fridge to provide additional restricting effects.


2. Cucumber

We have all heard the age old use of cucumber and eye swelling or dark circles but does it really work? Cold cucumber slices help swelling and puffiness owing to the cold temperature and not the cucumber itself.


3. Raise Your Bed-time Pillows

When sleeping, keep your pillow slightly raised. It ensures blood is drained properly and not left to accumulate under the eyes.


4. Invest in a Good Sunscreen

Dark circles respond to environmental stimulants and triggers. Leaving skin exposed to the sunlight can agitate the sensitive under-eye area and produce larger, obvious darker circles. Simply apply a small amount of SPF onto your fingertips, pat under your eyes and remain protected when exposed to sunlight.


   5. Diet

Consume a balanced diet high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Keep your body hydrated to replenish fluids and fight off viral and bacterial infections.



Working long hours, stress and a lack of sleep are dangerous combinations. It wreaks havoc on a healthy system and exacerbates the appearance of dark marks below your eyes. You should receive at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep daily, uninterrupted. Sufficient rest can go a long way to improve your well-being and those dark under-eyes.



The best way to keep your skin looking bright, fresh and even is to apply a concealer. Color corrector assist in covering the blemishes and dark circles you wish to hide. It blends and matches to your complexion. It is important to choose a product that will best complement your complexion and last through the day. If you are wearing a dark eyeliner, apply a mild powder just below to avoid smudges and severely darkened eye bags.


Incorporating these simple steps can help you achieve relief from those dreaded under-eye dark circles. All techniques are aimed at treating and preventing the blue to purple hues from returning or appearing as severe and prominent. Only by incorporating a healthy skincare regime, a balanced diet and sufficient rest can you work your way towards reducing puffiness and darkness that leave your face looking tired and worn out.


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