Having a disrespectful highlight, the kind that can be sighted from the moon has suddenly become goals, but if you struggle with pores you already know that highlighting will only make it appear bigger, and truth be told, that’s worse than a nightmare. Wonder how to minimize these dreadful face holes? Then lets talk.

The production of oil, known as sebum, along the top layer of skin, creates minor blockages exacerbated by increased pore size. Unfortunately, the trapped dirt causes blackhead formation and pores become highly visible on the skin surface. Learning how to minimize large pores will not only help you prevent the presence of spots but also supports the maintenance of a clearer and even-toned complexion. With the following skincare tips, you can take control of large unsightly pores on your face once and for all.



  • Large pores on your face increase susceptibility for blackhead formation and blemishes. The clogged pores heighten inflammation, painful acne and create a complexion that is difficult to manage.
  • The body, face and neck are covered in pores which consist of the hair follicle openings responsible for the excretion of toxins and perspiration. While more prominent on the face, large pores become blocked by sebum and debris. These blockages create blackheads and blemishes compromising the skin’s condition.
  • It is most commonly noted in older women with a mature skin or those with genetically large pores. Aging compromises collagen production and leaves pores highly visible. Failing to clean the skin of excess oil and dirt cause pores to enlarge with time. Exposure to UV light and environmental pollution can leave pores distressed and visible.
  • Exercise precaution when applying highlighting cosmetics and foundation. These products tend to accumulate around the pores making these more visible. Makeup that is not cleansed, allows dirt to settle and causes further pore enlargement across the face.



For Large Pores Caused by Genetics

If the enlarged pores on your face are caused by hereditary factors, there is no single formula to shrink it in size but there are general skin care techniques you can apply to control its appearance and the clogs responsible for blackheads and fine pimples.


Oily and combination skin characterized by large pores require a strict care regime applied daily. Investing in a non-comedogenic cleanser and toner removes surface dirt on the skin including sebum. It eliminates the formation of blackheads and reduces pore size. Invest in a compatible toner without alcohol. Harsh ingredients such as alcohol strip the skin of natural oils and protective layers increasing sebum production. Toners serve to improve the taut condition of skin by shrinking pores.

Use moisturizer without an oil base and a mattifying application. It provides the skin superior hydration, restores balance and minimizes the appearance of large pores.

For Large Pores Caused by Aging

Pore size tends to increase with age as the skin loses elasticity and tends to sag. This is owed to poor collagen production. To minimize large pores requires the application of collagen boosting creams and serums to fight the signs of aging. Apply daily, cleansing and toning solutions to keep pores small and remove excess surface dirt.

For Large Pores Caused by UV Exposure and Sebum

The sun not only increases the size of skin pores but also accelerates aging. Always apply a high SPF across your face and neck if you are going to spend time outdoors. It prevents UV damage and helps minimize fine lines, wrinkles and sagged skin.

Create a cleansing, toning and exfoliating regime. Cleansers and toners must be compatible with your skin type and gentle exfoliators used only once or twice weekly to refine pores. Facial masks can also help in the reduction in pore size but always carefully select these products to prevent irritation and adverse reactions.

Natural Pore Refining Solutions

Many products are on the market to assist with pore refinement but without the correct ingredient combination, it could cause more irritation that assistance. To improve the appearance and manageability of your complexion, search for cleansers and toners containing alpha hydroxy acid. This is a powerful ingredient recognized for its pore minimizing properties. Many herbal solutions are available to improve the condition and appearance of skin.

 Preventative Solutions

To keep your skin looking and feeling great while preventing those dreaded pores from making an appearance, there are preventative steps you can take. To minimize large pores:

  • Do not scrub your face
  • Do not use regular body soaps and washes on your face
  • Do remove cosmetics before bedtime
  • Do consume a healthy diet and remain well hydrated

Scrubs should always be avoided because it strips the skin of protective barriers and leaves it exposed to the elements and clogs caused by cosmetic products. Investing in cleansers and toners that are gentle on your skin prevents sebum production and the enlargement of pores and blackheads. To support the refinement of pores you must keep your skin clean with the right products. For oily skin, use mattifying products to assist in minimizing large pores on your face. Removing makeup before falling asleep prevents it causing major clogs and unnecessary blemishes. Keep hydrated and consume a healthy diet to avoid breakouts and the use of harsh products that could wreak havoc on your complexion. If you are suffering from constant spots and blackheads, facial washes and creams with mild salicylic acid are recommended. Skincare regimes incorporating cleansing and methods of preventing pore enlargement are most effective. To improve collagen production, incorporate products that boost collagen production and fight the signs of aging. Combine anti-aging with mattifying cleansers and moisturizers to minimize large pores.

Eliminate Blackheads

Blackheads create fine spots on your skin that eventually turn into blemishes or skin irritation. It can become unsightly but with regular cleansing and the practice of a non-abrasive exfoliation, blackheads are removed and pores refined. Problematic complexions suffering from recurring blackheads can benefit from consultation with an aesthetician to effectively remove these clogs.

 Rejuvenate Your Skin

Investing in quality skincare helps provide your complexion the care it needs and deserves. Compatible products help minimize large pores including blackhead formation. Cleansing, toning and a pore refining moisturizer facilitate the maintenance process and keep your complexion clean and clear. Do not allow large pores to rule your life. Healthy skincare solutions will reduce the appearance of large pores and the problems it causes.


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