Wondering How To Manage Acne Prone Very Oily Skin?

How To Manage Acne Prone Very Oily Skin

Most of my friends still talk about how our teenage days were amazing, the sneaking around, the parties, the boys, and all that good stuff, they still don’t know till this day that I was faking my happiness. I was one of those that sat down in front of the mirror wondering why I had these huge boils on my face and chest and a lot on my chin that looked like a beard.


When my mates were having their periods, developing nice breasts, I was stuck with a tiny nipple and a whole lot of acne on my face. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my family kept looking for the solution every minute making me feel worse than I already was.

How to manage acne-prone, very oily skin is our number one priority

It was so bad that they had me as one of the prayer points during our morning prayer devotion. I was so insecure that I wouldn’t go out, or even date anyone, so self-conscious that I didn’t believe anyone would like me.

If a boy is talking to me all I’m conscious about is my face, if he smiles, I will be like ‘why are you smiling’ ‘why are you looking at me like that’ I just couldn’t get past the thought of my face being that bad. Well, those constant worries lead me to research how to manage acne-prone, very oily skin.

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I tried different products, homemade remedies, and whatnot, some worked, some didn’t. Eventually, they just started fading away, one day I woke up and it was as though I never had acne. Yes, the acne freed me but comes every once in a while.

In my university days, after breaking through my tom-boy stage and discovered the magic a simple black eye pencil can do, I became more aware of my skin. I noticed my skin was so oily, very oily that someone will ask me in the dark why my face was so shiny.

On a good shiny day, u can scout a tablespoon of oil enough to fry an egg. Applying makeup was so tiring as foundations wouldn’t last up to two hours, after an hour it will melt completely. we all know how nasty that can look. I knew it was natural but I didn’t understand that they were products that can control it and help keep makeup for hours.

In as much as my acne faded they never really went away, I couldn’t get away with sleeping with makeup or anything on my skin. As my love for make up grew, my knowledge of how to control and have my makeup sit for 16 hours became achievable.


I can even get away with sleeping with a full face on and not worry about acne in the morning. How to manage acne-prone, very oily skin became easily achievable.

Know Your Skin Type

Acne-prone skin and oily skin are connected so much that if you have oily skin there is a 97% chance that you will have acne. This doesn’t mean people with dry skin don’t have acne, just a few do. This makes it easier to control as both can be controlled with the same product sometimes. 

I think the problem so many of us have today is not knowing their skin type. Knowledge of your skin type alone will positively affect how to manage acne-prone, very oily skin.

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In order to effectively manage your skin, it essential that you know if your skin is oily, dry or a combination of both. This has resulted in people buying products that are not suitable for their skin and hence it works against it.


For instance, a moisturizer for dry skin is meant to increase the moisture on that skin type, so if I buy such moisturizer, it is obvious that it will increase the moisture on my skin which is not needed.

Same as if you buy a toner that is meant for oily skin, that meant to help control oil, and you use such, it will help control the oil on your skin that you don’t even have, eventually making it drier. This is the key. When I learned about this I started reading labels and making sure I’m not buying the wrong products.

Don’t we all love a little cake face, contour, and highlight for the gods? we all want our make up to last all day without melting. this is the problem we oily sisters face. Without makeup, we have to deal with acne, with makeup, its shine, and foundation meltdown, it always seems like an everyday struggle.

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Acne Prone Oily Skin Prevention and Maintenance

With skincare, the key is consistency. It doesn’t matter the brand or price if you are not consistent with taking care of the skin then you won’t see the result.

  1. Cleansing oily skin, toning and moisturizing twice a day
  2. Exfoliating and masking 2-3 times a week
  3. You can use other products like anti-aging, eye creams, and serums
  4. Avoiding certain oily food and nuts helps, that’s if you want to overdo though. step1 and 2 will do the job.

These may seem like a ritual but it takes less than 5 minutes to clean, tone, and moisturize. just do it. Your skin will thank you.

Finally, stay hydrated, drink water, and exercise, this isn’t a myth, I have first-hand experience with this. I did an experiment where I drank 4 liters of water a day for 30 days. My skin was so clear and bright, one would think I was bleaching it. Water is free, drink as much as you can and your skin will thank you for it.

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Congratulations you are very well on the way to effectively know how to manage acne-prone, very oily skin. Have an acne-free month.

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