How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Your Thigh

Those dreaded stretch marks are the red and white squiggly lines and marks that develop along your buttocks, abdomen, underarms, and thighs. While most women experience skin changes during and post-pregnancy, these marks can become prominent but it is also owed to rapid weight gain and the expansion of the skin. Most commonly found across the thighs, these prominent marks can increase self-consciousness and cause irritation. How to get rid of stretch marks on your thigh requires a comprehensive approach from prevention to various treatments that will work for you. We take a look at the best ways to manage and relieve those dreaded stretch marks.

how to get rid of stretch marks on your thigh

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks consist of the lines and the irregular marks that form along areas of the skin that have stretched rapidly. The colors range from red and purple to white. Weight gain beyond the skin’s capacity to accommodate the change often leads to stretch marks. Stretch marks occur because the collagen in your epidermal layers deteriorates and is unable to keep up with the distention of your skin.

The formation of red stretch marks makes it easier to treat with oils and massage, however, the white stripes are permanent and specific advanced techniques needed to decrease the severity of its appearance.

A multitude of techniques is available to manage the appearance and the extent of these scars. From herbal remedies and prescription medication to specific ointments. If you are pregnant, it is important to consult with your physician first concerning the treatments that are safe for prevention and intervention.


Stretch Marks on Your Thighs

Women tend to gain weight in their thighs relatively quickly making this area of your body increasingly susceptible to stretch marks. Treatments range from miracle creams to laser therapy but a specific application is determined by the size and the age of the scars. While you may not get rid of the majority of these marks, you can work towards minimization and protect against anymore from developing.


How to Prevent Stretch Marks

If you are affected by stretch marks there are steps you can take to lessen its appearance and reduce the itching and irritation it causes. Prevention must be implemented to avoid developing additional scars.

When you need to know how to get rid of stretch marks on your thigh, learn of the methods available and which of these will work best for your needs. The best cure is prevention. If you notice stretch marks forming across your thighs, first control your diet. Excess sugars, fats, and processed foods could accelerate its formation and make it worse. Remain hydrated and include as many vegetables, fruits, and proteins as possible.

Massaging the target areas with a topical oil or cream is important. Products containing deeply nourishing and hydrating properties such as shea butter are beneficial when applied to the skin to prevent future stretch mark formation. These ingredients combined with the action of massage help stimulate circulation and better absorb the moisturizing ingredients. It assists with collagen and elastin to prevent the scarring that occurs as the skin extends. It is a simple yet effective strategy for women during pregnancy and those experiencing weight gain.

1. Hydration

Stretch marks can become itchy, irritated and sensitive. Moisturizing your thighs provides the skin the moisture it needs to soften these areas and relieve the irritation. Cocoa butter, coconut oil, and perfume free intensive moisturizers are great for stretch marks. It offers maximum hydration for the most part of the day helping keep the skin soft, moisturized and supple. Massaging these products across your thighs every morning and evening assists in reducing the uneven and lumpy feel that deep stretch marks can cause.

2. Exfoliation

Care for your skin by using a mild exfoliating scrub a few times a week. Exfoliation across your thighs will reduce excess skin cell accumulation and dirt. The rubbing and scrubbing motion aids in increased circulation and prevents further skin deterioration. Exfoliation also prepares the target area for maximum absorption of hydrating products. Always gently apply the scrub in a circular motion.

how to get rid of stretch marks on your thigh

3. Laser Treatment

If you have tried creams and oils to relieve the stretch marks on your thighs with little to no success, consider laser therapy. Although it may appear extreme, lasers are effective in targeting the specific scars on your thighs by breaking down scar tissue. Laser light treatment is only suitable for new stretch marks that are red to purple in color. The occurrence of white stretch marks on your thighs may respond to light therapy as the skin is encouraged to produce melanin to conceal the scars. Consultation with your laser therapist or dermatologist will determine whether this technique is best for your skin health.

4. Chemical Treatments

When determining how to get rid of stretch marks on the thigh, you must apply hydration, exfoliation and laser treatments before attempting a chemical peel. Severe stretch marks on your thighs may improve with the application of a chemical peel. This procedure is designed to remove the top layer of skin including any damages present in the epidermis. Stretch marks vary in intensity. The lighter scars including red and purple may respond to chemical peels but deeper marks that surpass the epidermis will not respond to a chemical peel. If you are seeking more invasive options to treat your stretch marks, always consult with an experienced and certified practitioner who knows what they are doing.

Alternatives for Stretch Marks on Thighs

Keeping your weight well managed can prevent further scarring. Continue to moisturize your skin even if the silver to white stretch marks are present. The circulation and nourishing ingredients can soften skin and prevent these scars from becoming increasingly prominent over time.

To conceal stretch marks on your thighs, apply a waterproof concealer or foundation. While makeup cannot remove stretch marks, it can help you decrease the prominence of its appearance.

Stretch marks are frustrating and may seem unappealing but providing your skin some extra TLC can make a significant difference in the condition of these marks and helps prevent additional stretch marks from forming across your thighs.

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