How Do You Know Your Skin Undertone?

How Do You Know Your Skin Undertone

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What is Your Undertone?
Neutral Skin Undertone
Cool Skin Undertone
Warm Skin Undertone
Steps on Finding Your Skin’s Undertone
How to Choose Makeup Based on Your Undertones

When choosing makeup it is important to determine the undertone of your skin. Undertones are considered your skin’s true color and the cosmetics used from foundations to eye shadows should coincide with such tones.  Choosing ranges that are not compatible with your undertones contributes to a dull complexion or washed out appearance. The purpose is to create a beautiful enhancement.


Well, How do you know your skin undertone then?:

What is Your Undertone?

When it comes to makeup, we cannot all rely on a professional squad each day to provide us with a complete and beautified appearance. The best we can do is to learn about our undertones. This helps guide our decisions when looking to purchase foundation and concealer to lipstick and eye shadow.

Foundations are based on 3 color categories including cool, neutral, and warm. These shades refer to the undertone of your skin and determine the overall effect produced when makeup is applied. To ensure you compliment your natural complexion as best you can, you need to base your cosmetic purchases on these undertones.

Regardless of how fair or how dark your skin is, we all have an undertone. It is best described as the underlying hue that is produced by our skin that leans towards the warm, cool, or neutral side. When detecting your undertones, it is important to understand what each of these color categories means:

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1. Neutral Skin Undertone

Your skin has an overall even tone without any hints of blues, pinks, or yellow tones. Meaning the undertone is the same as your actual skin color.

2. Cool Skin Undertone

When looking at the delicate areas of your complexion including the inside of your neck and the underside of your neck, you may not need more of a pink to blue tinge.

3. Warm Skin Undertone

The sun hidden areas are considered more peach toned, bronze or yellow.

Steps on Finding Your Skin’s Undertone

This is how to know your skin undertone, it is important to know where to look and what to look for.

  1. The areas of your body that generally have the thinnest layers of skin that are not regularly exposed to sunlight are the best sections to look at.
  2. The skin under the wrist, on the inside of your arm and often the inside of your neck will provide clues as to what your undertone is.
  3. Areas that are blue-tinged, red, or pink are considered as having a cool undertone. If you cannot see the veins through the skin and instead, a yellow to plum shade, your skin leans towards the warmer hues.
  4. When you cannot discern between the blues and yellows and the skin along the wrist and underside of your arm, you may have more of a neutral tone.

If you still are not sure how to determine a warm or cool undertone, we look at other ways of assessing these hues:

  1. One of the easiest ways to identify what your undertones are is by looking at your veins.
  2. When your veins under your wrist lean towards a very blue to purple shade, it is considered a cool undertone.
  3. Veins that appear more of a green or olive tone are considered warmer.
  4. When you are unable to see whether your veins are more blue or green, you are most likely neutral in undertone.
  5. For skin that tends to burn very easily when exposed to the sun, it is considered more of a cool hue.
  6. Warmer undertones generally tan faster and easier than those with cooler tones.

Individuals with cooler hues look better in silver jewelry than gold.


How to Choose Makeup Based on Your Undertones

While undertones are a part of selecting your cosmetics it should only serve as a guide. Many cosmetic providers detail whether the foundation or concealer is on the cool or warm end of the spectrum but once you apply to your skin the extreme yellow or cooler pink tones can cause a foundation disaster.

In the search for the right foundation for your skin tone, the product should include hints of cool, warm, or neutral shades. If you select a foundation, it should be slightly cool when your undertone is cool. Do not move towards the extreme end of the spectrum but select a range that is balanced and incorporates a hint of cool or warmer colors.


The best way is to apply a sample is to the back of your hand. If the liquid foundation appears mildly pink it is on the cooler side. Shades considered warmer will be golden, yellow to bronze in color. The choice of concealer should not be based on how pink or how yellow it is but rather include slight hints of pink or yellow to complement your complexion.

While a more pink color in a foundation is a simple way to detect cool tones for fair skin it may not always work for darker complexions. If you have a dark skin tone, it is best to look for mildly peach shades without any orange or yellow hues.

For warmer undertones and the greener vein, the foundation best suited to your complexion will have a golden to dark bronze hue. These products help produce high levels of concealment and best blend into your natural skin color.

It helps you avoid mismatching your makeup that would otherwise leave your face and neck looking dull and pale. You never want your cosmetic cover to look obvious but to provide a natural enhancement able to cover minor flaws and uneven skin tone.

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For the right makeup, your foundation should never distinctly differ from your face and your neck. How do you know your skin undertone? You may have believed you were cool or warm in complexion only to find your undertones are more neutral to warm.

Many save time and money by determining their undertones before purchasing a variety of cosmetics that do not work. With the options available and understanding how to use your undertones as a guide to purchasing foundation, you can create a professional finish and ensure your complexion appears smooth and uniform at any time of the day or night.

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