Eye Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Tone

Eye Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Tone

Beautifully bright, neutral, and nude or superbly shimmery eye shadow, mascara and finely trimmed brows appear bold and striking on darker complexions.

While most cosmetic shades appear attractive, it is important to select complementary colors and apply the correct balance of the product. We provide the best eye make up tips for dark skin tone to help you wear your makeup and not let your makeup wear you.

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1. How to Choose Complementary Eye Shadow Colors

To select an eye shadow that enhances and not detracts, you must determine the undertones of your skin. The purpose is to learn whether warmer or cooler shades are more complementary for your complexion.

Choosing the incorrect color palette can leave a darker skin tone dull or stark. Your skin’s undertone is reflected along your neck or the underside of your wrist. If you notice a blue to purple tinge your complexion leans toward the cooler tones while a lack of visible veins complements a warmer skin tone.

Eye Shadow Colors

For a cool undertone, eye shadow products with pinks and blues are best. Warmer undertones benefit from gold and yellow. If you are somewhere in between, keep eye shadow colors away from extreme blues and yellow shades.


2. Eye Shadow Preparation

It is easy to apply an eye shadow but without a primer, your makeup will not last through the day. Applying the primer not only extends the longevity of the cosmetic product but it helps create a smoother application.

Investing in a primer can produce exceptional beauty results and prevent a dreaded patchy appearance across your eyelids.

3. The Not-so Traditional Smokey Eye

Eye makeup tips for dark skin tone help you create unique looks for a night out or an adventurous style throughout the day. The purpose is to enhance your appearance and beautify your eyes.

The smokey eye remains a popular style of eye makeup when correctly applied. For a darker complexion, this style of eye shadow is not limited to charcoal and gunmetal colors but includes playing with bronze and copper.

Applying the bronze to copper eye shadow requires a beautiful finish with complementary gold and bronze jewelry or a clutch bag to complete the look. While the regular charcoal and black eye shadow can be recreated on dark skin, the brighter golden tones prove striking and unique.


4. Be Bold With Bright Eye Colors

The benefit of a darker complexion is the ease with which you can apply brighter bolder eye shadows. Do not be afraid to wear sapphire blue with a pair of denim or a pink shade of eye shadow to match a striking lip color.

Remember to select your color based on cool and warm undertones in your skin. Celebrate the summer sun or the coziness of winter in a variety of eye makeup shades.

Metallics come out beautifully on a dark complexion. Add silver or bronze with a very light shimmer. While these shades can easily be worn with attractive results, always apply the product in moderation. Less is definitely more when using eye makeup.

5. Mascara and Eyeliner

Once you have chosen your eye shadow colors and practiced its application. Add mascara to create those feminine long lashes and eyeliner to make those eyes pop.

Eyeliner is a convenient and popular eye makeup for women because it is easy to apply and produces a dramatic effect. A liquid liner is recommended for sleek lines and cat-eye styles of enhancement.

Apply the product right around your eye for a dramatic appearance. Pair eye shadow with deep liners and volume-boosting mascara. For nighttime looks, adding false lashes after mascara will make your eyes pop and more flattery.

When layering heavy makeup, keep these looks for an evening appearance. Daytime should be light and incorporate natural enhancement.


Mascara and Eyeliner

6. Create Gorgeous Eyebrows

Use eyebrow pencils with a dark brown tinge to fill thin brows. Avoid very deep tones including pitch black. It creates a very harsh appearance. The purpose of shaping and coloring your brows is to soften your features. Consider creating an arched brow, this shape gives a younger appearance.

If you are unsure of your eyebrow shape, purchase a stencil to help create those precision edges and lines for a professional-looking finish. Your eyebrows should appear full and neat.

For a more permanent solution, you can dye your eyebrows with a specialized brow tinting kit or have it tattooed to appear fuller. For tattooed brows, consult with a specialized brow artist who will create beautiful results for your appearance.

Microblading is the best eyebrow option currently making waves in the market. It gives a naturally beautiful look. Although it is very expensive, it is a very good option if you can afford it.

7. Under Eye Concealer

While dark skin may not produce the intense blue to purple circles Caucasian skin does, a lack of sleep, allergies, medication, and genetics can contribute to those puffy under-eyes with dark tones.

Investing in a quality under-eye concealer can hide tired eyes and areas that cause an aged appearance. It also brightens the skin when applying eyeliner and eye shadow.

Always invest in a quality concealer including ingredients such as caffeine to naturally relieve swelling. An eye cream applied at night can reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Under Eye Concealer for dark skin


8. Best Tips for Makeup Cosmetics

With these eye makeup tips for dark skin tone, you can take your cosmetics to the next level.

  • Before donning a sky blue eye shadow, it is always a good idea to play around with shades and applications to prevent walking out of the house with uneven and poor looking makeup.
  • Cosmetics for your eyes should include precision results.
  • It is a good idea to seek a few professional tutorials for a professional look.
  • Creating gorgeous eyes is all about playing up your best features.
  • If you have long lashes, mascara will add a deep hue for bold eyes and a feminine appeal, otherwise, you can always use false lashes.
  • Combine shimmering and metallic eye shadow that complements your skin’s undertones.
  • If you have very large eyes naturally, play down the layers of eyeliner and keep your look very soft.
  • With eye makeup, the options are endless. Ensure to invest in a quality primer and get sufficient beauty rest to avoid those dark and puffy under eyes!

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