Birth Control Pills and Weight Gain

Birth Control Pills and Weight Gain

Are Your Birth Control Pills Making You Gain Weight?

Among the most common form of contraception is the birth control pill. The oral contraceptive is easy to use and when taken according to instruction, it can provide more than 98% protection against unplanned pregnancy.


Although a popular preventative solution when sexually active, the pill is associated with a multitude of adverse effects including weight gain. If you are taking oral contraception and struggling with weight loss or experiencing the tightening of clothes. The question, is your birth control pills making you gain weight? This will be explored and if they are healthy, safe, and effective solutions advised.

The pill is affordable, readily available with a prescription, and convenient for women to use. While most of us are focusing on maintaining goal weights and a slimmer figure, the convenience of the pill is soon thwarted by the unexpected weight gain that comes with it.

It is no wonder that more women are looking into whether the regular use of oral contraceptives is responsible for the accumulation of fat and increased size.

Oral contraceptives are available in different brands. While some may have blood-thinning effects others may not. While certain preventative pills cause weight gain, others may not.

It is very difficult for medical bodies to say with certainty that the use of the pill is directly linked to weight gain. The pill will also interact differently with different women. Some may suffer mood changes while others notice an expansion in their overall size and wardrobe.

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One of the most prominent reasons for weight gain in women taking oral contraception is owed to the retention of water in the body.  While increased appetite has also been noted, it is not a side effect that is experienced by all women on the pill.

To determine the association between oral contraception and weight gain pills requires a closer look at how the pill works and what you can do to minimize a broadening mid-section!

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How birth control pill works in the body

Oral contraception works by tricking the body into believing that it is pregnant. The pill contains a high-level estrogen that occurs during pregnancy. The reason one may experience weight gain is owed to water retention.

Water retention results from the higher levels of estrogen inside the body. For women who wish to specifically avoid the incidence of weight gain and water retention, the dosage of the pill must be adjusted accordingly. The more estrogen in the oil and in the body, the higher the levels of water retention and weight gain with pill.

Individual physiology and hereditary factors can influence the amount of water retained in the body. The weight gain will largely depend on individual body type, hormones, and the type of or brand of pill birth control prescribed.


If you have a family history of water retention or susceptible to water retention yourself, then the use of the birth pill may exacerbate the problem. On the plus side, consulting with your physician concerning the control pill and water retention can help you learn of healthier alternatives to manage water retention and the increase in weight gain.


Are Your Birth Controls Making You Gain Weight with an Increased Appetite?

Again, depending on the brand of birth control pills taken, you could experience a surge in appetite. You may find your diet shifting from calorie-controlled and portion management to ongoing snacking, cravings for sweet and salty foods, and a general tendency to eat more.

Oral contraception can have a significant impact on the amount of fat stored in your body. When your sugar is high, the carbs and the sugars consumed from food will be stored directly as fat. It is incredibly difficult to process and controlling the number of carbohydrates consumed will certainly be more difficult when fighting cravings.

Although you may not notice changes in your body shape overnight, it can soon become increasingly fat and eventually considered obese. If you have any difficulties with controlling your current sugar levels, be sure to contact your physician for a complete evaluation. Your reliable professional can advise on the management efforts you should take to achieve the most impressive results.

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How do I prevent weight gain on the birth control pill?

Although the likelihood of gaining weight on oral contraception is high, there are steps you can take to minimize fat and maintain your path to achieving a healthy physique.

Visit your medical practitioner.

The first step is to visit your medical practitioner. If you have a genetic disposition to water retention or you tend to retain water naturally, then the pill may have to be adjusted to provide its preventative effect without the increased water retention.

Incorporate a strict diet.

To keep your BMI or body mass index at a healthy number, you must incorporate a strict diet, exercise and remain hydrated. Only through burning calories and a diet that is high in protein and slow release energy can you achieve the best results.

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You can fight the craving by choosing snacks low in salt and sugar or by incorporating meals that are quick and easy to create with fresh wholesome ingredients. Avoid sweets and processed foods as this leaves you on a vicious cycle of bad eating and unhealthy food choices.

Exercise to eliminate water retention.

If you want a birth control weight gain how to lose it, then exercise can do it. This can include outdoor activities or a structured gym session. Any activity that gets you moving and burning calories can eliminate water retention and support a decrease in weight.

Even when on the pill, what you put into your body has a direct influence on the numbers you will notice on your scale. When what you put in is recognized and met with what you get out, there is a greater willingness to adhere to a diet and achieve excellent results.

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Do not be afraid to seek the protection of the pill against an unwanted pregnancy owing to weight gain. You may have to work a little bit harder and learn which foods to incorporate in your diet.

A family history of diabetes, time dedicated to exercise and healthy eating will help you avoid the effects of the pill. Consult with your healthcare provider and discover how to prevent both pregnancy and weight gain.

To answer the question, Are Your Birth Control Pills Making You Gain Weight, requires a look at eating habits, lifestyle, and genetic factors.

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