Best stick foundation for oily skin

Getting the best foundation for oily skin is one of the common struggles with makeup lovers. Don’t get it twisted, there’s no foundation out there that will last for 24 hours on oily skin, even though so many say they can. In fact, I don’t think any girl with oily skin is looking for such, a good 6-10 hrs last is all we ask. If you eventually find the one that can last you that long without looking all greasy, that foundation should be kept on a high table.

Me, personally I’ve got a few foundations that I greet in the mornings, it is not even that they last for 18 hours, just the fact that they can last 8-10 hrs alone has earned them a place among my junk foods. The small cash that I would have was been saved for a Guerlain bronzer, I will then use it instead for a blotting powder.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup


We makeup addicts know that any product that cannot be used for 5 million makeup purposes is a waste of indulgence. A Bronzer can be used for eyebrow, as a transition color on the crease, as a contour powder before it even serves its original purpose as a Bronzer. But blotting powder is just there, just to blot, nothing special. So I don’t see any reason why I will have it on my must-buy list. Unfortunately, it has earned a high ranking position in most of our list. Well, as oily skin mamas, we can’t run from it, that’s why  I’m here to help you move that blot powder to the bottom of the list.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Natural Beige)


So many people blame their makeup problem on the concealer or primer or even powders, the truth is, a foundation is the most important part of the makeup process, after the face of course.  Just as its name FOUNDATION, it applies to everything, houses, investing in a business, even relationships, everything.

If you have a rocky foundation, we all know how it ends, no need for me to waste word counts.

  1. This also applies to makeup, the better your foundation, the better the outcome.
  2. Choosing the right primer will definitely give you the best result, but that doesn’t necessarily mean if you don’t use a good primer the foundation won’t still work, it will last.
  3. If you don’t get the foundation right there’s a possibility that it won’t last.
  4. Rewind, let me rephrase, if you use the wrong foundation for oily skin, I give you a good one hour, it will start looking greasy.
  5. Well, the other alternative is to carry a hand fan around or those little glam fan and keep close to your face constantly, but then not all of us are that boujie and extra and the hand pain is not even worth it.

Still Mina

As a makeup fanatic with very oily skin, I have tried an endless number of foundations even the very matte ones and would still get shine and foundation melt after two hours. Another thing to note is not every matte foundation is good for oily skin. Having a matte finish is a different game altogether, as some people just naturally like that finish not minding their skin type.

Over the years, I have used a lot of foundations, trying and testing, to see which will last longer with minimal touch-up. I even buy foundations that I already know is not suitable for me just for the satisfaction. If you are addicted to makeup like I am, you know this, we don’t buy some products because we want to use them, we can just look at the product, feel the texture, drink two glasses of water, and that’s dinner, nothing gives that much satisfaction, nothing I tell you.

Eventually, I gradually turned myself into an unwanted makeup consultant to anybody that cares to give me an audience. Don’t let me see you with a greasy face, I don’t care if we are in a salon, work, tram, train or even church, we are going to talk. We will fix it. I must recommend the product and if you are not convinced, worry not, I live 5 minutes away from the town center, I’m getting you a free sample. Funny thing is, I don’t even ask for feedback, but I somehow got it. People told me how the product worked on them, the average hour it lasted, I sometimes even get lucky and get my weave straightened for free.

Here are the best I’d recommend for even your wedding, both high end and drug store. Thank me later;

Best oily skin foundation

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation


This is my personal favorite, its good with texture, with mature skin, has a very good color range, its not very heavy, dries very matte and lasts long with minimal touch-up and its full coverage, go hard or go home.

2. Make up forever professional mat velvet +liquid foundation


This is another full coverage matte foundation, can last a good 12- 15 hours with a little touch-up, and can stay up to 6 hours before any shine.

3. Lancome teint idole ultra 24 hours foundation


This has full coverage and has a matte finish. it didn’t last that long for me because I started getting shine after four hours, which is not too bad.  But then every other person that used it said it was great and lasted an average of 8hrs. and we know the majority carries the vote, hence.

4. Loreal 24 hour infallible foundation


Very affordable drug store full coverage foundation dries matte and doesn’t crease, can give you a good 9-13 hours.

5. Too-faced’ born this way’ liquid foundation


This says it’s medium to full coverage but its nowhere near medium. Very good product, it doesn’t spread or crease and has a matte finish.

Have a shine-free summer.

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