The Best Face Products for Dry Skin

A parched skin becomes flaky, cracked and feels stiff and uncomfortable. When dryness across your face gets in the way of having a good day out or blending your favorite foundation, it is time to start investing in hydrating products for dry skin. The best face products for dry skin contain nourishing, age-fighting and protective properties to protect against the damage dryness can cause.

Before you can determine which skin care products are best for your skin, it is important to look out for specific ingredients that are imperative in keeping the damage and dryness at bay.

How to Know Which Moisturizer is Right for You

Moisturized skin is important for combination, oily and dry complexions. Before rushing out to purchase the most popular product on the market, consider the time of year, the consistency and skin compatibility. Dry skin can benefit from ingredients such as hyaluronic acid but an oily complexion will not require intensive oil based solutions or butter. Dry skin can benefit from rich serums and creams while oily to the combination is best enhanced with light moisturizers.

Be sure to up your hydration during the winter months when skin tends to be at its driest. In the summer and winter, an SPF must always be worn to protect against UVA and UVB damage. It is also better to apply serums and thicker creams at night compared to the morning. Do not forget to invest in moisturizers for your body!

Ingredients to Look for in a Quality Moisturizer

1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants remain an important ingredient in hydrating creams, lotions, and serums. It forms a protective barrier against the environment to prevent the damage and deterioration that occurs with exposure to free radicals.

2. Blemish Prone skin

Acne sufferers are hesitant about using deeply moisturizing ingredients for fear of ongoing breakouts. Acne is worsened when the skin balance is not maintained. Allowing your complexion to become excessively dry increases natural oil production. The pores become clogged and the cycle of acne starts again. A balancing or mattifying moisturizing product prevents excess sebum from getting in the way. It supports a healthy complexion and minimizes blemishes.

3. Sensitive Skin

Skin prone to flare-ups and irritations is best complemented by hypoallergenic products. Look out for fragrance-free products and ingredients for sensitivity.

Best Face Products for Dry Skin

1. Clinique Moisture Surge

Delivering an impressive 72 hours of hydration, Clinique Moisture Surge is widely recognized for its anti-aging qualities. The silky smooth cream offers a rich texture with fast absorption making it a convenient choice for dryness and irritation. The Clinique range has become a popular choice in maintaining the integrity and the texture of your complexion. It is the ideal choice for very dry areas across the face and neck including a cooling sensation upon application.

2. Charlotte’s Magic Cream

Charlotte’s Magic Cream may not be as well known as Clinique, however, it is certainly worth a mention in addressing dryness and anti-aging. The soothing cream contains an SPF15 to provide the minimum levels of protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun. It has an incredibly thick texture that is easy to apply and creates a sense of luxury on your skin. The cream is so thick and rich that it can be used as a facial mask.

If you are looking for intense hydration and a luxurious texture, Charlotte’s magic cream is more of a treatment for a tired and dry complexion. Use as a mask and gently wipe away excess product to reveal a supple and soft skin below.

3. Skin Ceuticals Emollience

Whether normal or dry skin, the Skin Ceuticals range is created to soothe and deeply hydrate even the driest of skins. The Ceuticals range is a great choice if you suffer from sensitive skin and need a nourishing, gentle product to address underlying dryness. It contains natural oils and lipids, acting as a moisture locking barrier which is a great choice in the winter months.

4. Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel

Neutrogena is among the best face products for dry skin offering hydro boosting gel consistency, it provides the deep hydration you need to manage the condition of your complexion. The major beneficial ingredient in this solution is hyaluronic acid. Combined with intensive nourishment, hyaluronic acid helps keep moisture in the skin while delivering anti-aging properties. The gel is cooling and soothing while the moisture reaches the cells for ongoing hydration.

5. Murad – Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

All-day moisturization is a must and with 8 hours of hydration, you simply cannot go wrong. The Murad moisturizing range is most effective in addressing dryness and irritated cracked skin. It is not greasy and does not leave any oily residue behind making it the ideal option for combination to oily complexions.

6. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Nourishing Moisturiser

Offering a combination of vitamins and powerfully protective fatty acids, the Lait-Crème tube is certainly a favorite moisturizing cream. As a daily moisturizer, it offers a multitude of interesting properties from soothing razor burn to acting as a facial mask. It is a great blending solution when used with your daily makeup.

7. Dermalogica Calm Water Gel

During the summer months, Dermalogica’s water gel provides soothing solutions for deep hydration against the heat. The cooling gel texture leaves your face and neck feeling refreshed. Its multitude of beneficial ingredients is helpful in protecting against the free radicals and environmental conditions affecting a healthy complexion.

Choosing the Best Dry Skin Solutions

The best face dry skin products contain essential ingredients suitable for your specific needs and the purpose it will serve. Very dry complexions benefit from thick, luxury creams and gel for lasting moisture. Oily to combination skins benefit from lightweight solutions that contain a protective SPF. Look out for amino acids and lipids to protect from external sources and irritation.

From lightweight creams and thicker formulations to cooling gels and serums, many types of hydrating products are available to keep your complexion nourished and protected. Prolonged dryness increases fine lines, wrinkles dullness and tired skin. Prevent the signs of premature aging with incredibly dry skin creams.


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