For people with darker skin tone, it is sometimes harder to get eyeshadows that work well on your skin. No doubt that some colors seem amazing when you see it but sneakily don’t show up well on when applied. Here’s a collection of the Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Dark skin tone.

Imagine after watching your favorite YouTubers , Nikkietutorials had done a rainbow look with the palette you have eyes on, Jaclyn Hill had listed it as one of her monthly favorites and its also Jeffery Star approved, and then you save up a few hard coins, buy the palette of the month and then the color pay off is different from what’s on the pan.

You use an orange shade as the transition on the crease and it appears dark brown on your skin. Or you buy your favorite nude eyeshadow palette, try to do a look you just saw on Kim Kardashian and Whoops, nothing shows on your eyes, A normal dark brown shade appears like your skin tone, frustrating right? Yeah, I know.  

Your eyes are seemingly the most important part of your makeup look and not getting a good one to look all glam and match your skin tone can be a tiring ordeal.

While there a great number of eyeshadow palettes, not too many works well on people with a dark skin tone. Before you spend your hard-earned pounds on trial and error, here is a compilation of simply the best Eyeshadow palettes for dark skin tones.

1. LA Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Pallete


Many of us might have come across this brand, mainly for its pocket-friendly HD concealers that can comfortably compete with high-end brands. This company, although not one of the famous high-end brands in the cosmetic world:

  • Boasts of an amazing line of products that promises nice and intriguing pigments.
  • Their much-yearned desire for a pigment to match a great number of skin tones even the darkest of skin tones brings us to the amazing L.A girl Beauty Brick Eye Shadow nudes.
  • A bonus is that they are also very affordable.

L.A. Girl GES331  Nudes palette features a great selection of neutrals and nudes, ranging from classic neutrals, browns to dusty pinks and plums. It’s cruelty-free and has all shades needed to fit everyday looks. A lot of other brands get to offer similar blends when it comes to eyeshadow palette but there is a distinguishing factor –With just one swipe from this brand, you can be sure of getting a vivid color and stunning, mind-blowing pigment.

What’s not to like about that? The powder is very rich on the skins, so whether you have a darker skin tone or not, it is going to show without excess application. You don.t need to draw the map of Wakanda to get a good color pay off. Similar products that have the same color range and good pay off are Urban Decay Naked Skin 1,2 and 3, Hudabeauty Remastered palette, these are pricier but does the job.

2. Morphe PalletsBest Eyeshadow Palettes For Dark skin tone

This would be one of my favorites brands, not only because they are affordable but also you get a lot of shades from just a single palette. There’s no one palette in this brand that is not perfect, From the Jaclyn Hill Pallete to the very popular 35O palette, you can never go wrong with this brand. Also, look out for the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill; The Vault’ palette. Except you are a makeup artist, an influencer or a YouTuber, this may be the only eyeshadow palette you might need, as it covers every shade and can be used to create uncountable looks and also very pocket-friendly.

3. Juvia’s Place

Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Dark skin tone

Although this brand is not a go-to for a neutral or nude palette, its range of colors is perfectly selected and very flattery on a dark skin tone. They are not the cheapest in the market but are sure worth it as one swipe is all that’s needed for an excellent payoff, making it more durable. More importantly, the color on the pan appears the same on dark skin.

This brand has 9, 12 or 16 bendable eyeshadow powder colors combining nudes and so many others with a very versatile palette range to ensure you can achieve any look you want or might intend to create. The colors are very easy to mix so you can get so much with a single palette. When you consider the pigment of this brand, you won’t be disappointed for even a minute. There are lots of products for every color so you don’t need to be scared about running out of the much-preferred color shade. The colors are carefully selected to fit dark skin tones better so if you have a dark skin tone, then you just got yourself something made simply for you.

4. ColourPop


This is another very good brand that produces an eyeshadow palette that suits people with dark skin tones. It is not considered to be a mainstream brand but delivers outstanding pigments and very beautiful colors. The ultra-pigmented mineral pressed eyeshadow powder to have a nice range of matte shadow for transition colors and also beautiful glittery formulations that would not appear ashy on the eye. It also gives an awesome color range to select from and play with to get your desired result. Whether its the Shayla X color pop perception palette or The fame and fortune set, this brand offers very affordable eyeshadows that do a lot of good to darker skin tones.

Whether you are dressing for a party, prom, dinner or whatever occasion, you are sure to find a blend of colors that will make you look dazzling with this brand. It is particularly ideal for people with dark skin tone –The glitter it gives stands out better in darker skin tones as compared to the contrast.

It is also long-lasting and smudge-proof so you can be sure to be looking dapper all day without having to apply heavily. It makes a profound statement on darker skin tones with just one swipe.

5. Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eyeshadow Palette


In recent times, this product has been gaining popularity among lots of makeup fans. Whether you a fan of matte or shimmer formulations, you have nothing to worry as this eyeshadow palette offers both so you can try out all the looks you have in your head to create. Unlike many other eyeshadow palettes, the Rimmel magnif’eyes eyeshadow palette has only 12 colors but yet still covers a lot of different skin tones. It has highly blendable colors so you can get transitions while smoothening out colors. When it comes to the price, this product is one of the cheapest you can find on the list.

6. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


With 16 shade options with a good mix of gold, bronze, and plums, this palette is as versatile as it gets. The best part about it is that it can give you great options for a day look and a night glam look.

And we’d like to give it another accolade too- it is the best smelling palette too! Too Faced claims that the palette uses anti-oxidant rich cocoa in its ingredients to give it a fully pigmented look. Using an eyeshadow primer gives the best eye looks, a simple concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone can also be used as a perfect base before any eye makeup.

Although the beauty world is waking up to the lack of choices for darker skin tones, they are still to bridge the gap. The above products are a good start in the right direction with hopefully many more to come. Let us know which eyeshadows product is your favorite!

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