Beginners Make Up Tips for Dark Skin Tone

From bright red to purple and plum, darker complexions can pull off virtually any cosmetic shade. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best combination for your particular skin tone. To create a flattering appearance and enhance your best features we look at beginners make up tips for dark skin tone.


Tips for a Professional Make Up Look

We all want perfect contouring, sleek lashes and beautiful brows but if you are not familiar with the necessary make up types and brands, achieving this look could be incredibly difficult to achieve. From bronzers and eye shadow to lipsticks and eyeliners, a variety of products are available to enhance your features. The basic items that should be a part of every make up kit include foundation, concealers, eyeliner, lipsticks, bronzers, mascara and primers. Eye shadow, False lashes, powders and lip gloss are great additions too providing an extra bit of glam when you need it.


Before Purchasing Make Up Always Check Your Skin’s Undertone

The undertone of your skin includes the blue to yellow shades that determine which cosmetic color will best enhance and brighten your complexion rather than detract from it. If a cool undertone wears warmer shades such as yellow, orange or gold it can leave a washed out complexion making you appear pale or as possessing a dull tone rather than playing up your best features. You can test for undertones by looking at the delicate skin in your neck just below the jawline or the underside of your wrist. Cooler tones are characterized by prominent blue veins and purple areas while warmer tones include yellow shades and vein colors that are greener than it is blue. Neutral is somewhere in the middle.


Knowing your undertones is important when selecting foundations and eye shadows. It ensures that the product best complements your complexion and appears as natural as possible. The purpose of any cosmetic product is to enhance your best features. Investing in quality ranges can deliver beautiful results.


A dark complexion with cooler undertones should pick foundations that best complement such requirements. Be sure to test the foundation on your neck. The product should blend easily and naturally enhancing your overall skin color. You do not want to have two separate colors on your face and your body. The purpose of using foundation is to provide an all-over and even appearance that conceals minor sun damage and the signs of aging. If you cannot find a single foundation to suit your complexion, combine at least two products to create that much desired natural appeal.


Before using foundation, always apply a primer. The primer is a thin base with a powdery consistency that helps smooth the foundation and extends its wear through the course of the day or night.


Creating a Natural Appeal with Make Up

With beginners make up tips for dark skin tone you can create a fresh appearance for a day out or apply gold and silver eye shadow for a night of fun. Fortunately, for darker complexions, most colors from shimmering metallic to bright red and cherry pink will produce a beautiful and striking result. Just do not pair your blue eye shadow with a plum lipstick! Allow one facial feature to shine, That means if you are applying a bold eye shadow, its best to pair it with a simple lip stick, vice versa.


contouring is way of enhancing the features of your face. Its best to get two shades lighter and two shades darker than your normal foundation shade to avoid harsh lines. The lighter shades are for areas your want attention to while the darker shade works best in deviating attention off that area, areas like double chin. It is also important to know your face shape in order to get good contouring result. The oval face shape has been named the most flattering and every contouring technique should be aimed at getting an oval face shape. knowing your face shape is the most important beginners make up tips for dark skin tone to get familiar with.



For a very dark skin tone, finding the right type of blusher can be difficult. We suggest deep reds and bright orange blushers to really stand out and provide shimmering effects across your cheeks. Pale pinks and peaches should be avoided. Try  Mac cosmetics and NARs


Eye Shadow

Eye shadows from blue and green to silver and charcoal look beautiful on caramel to dark complexions. You can invest in a range of eye shadow colors from blue tones for cooler complexions to yellow and bronze for warmer hues. Eye shadow in browns and beiges can produce a neutral appeal and a slight shimmer to your lids, perfect for a day at the office or outdoors.



For beginners in applying make up, lipstick is the one item that remains a necessity. Dark skin tones can take advantage of bold red and bright pink. For the odd occasion and something different, green and blue lipsticks have become trend worthy. You can apply a lipliner to guide the application onto your lips. A gloss provides an attractive finish and extends the wear of the cosmetic.


For cool undertones, pink produces and incredible pop while warmer tones benefit from peach, and berry or orange-red shades. Playing around with these colors and looking at what best suits your complexion will help you choose lipsticks that work best for your complexion.



Avoid black eyebrow pencils and powders and use a chocolate or dark brown instead. It simply softens your look as black can have quite a hard effect on feminine facial features. Simply apply these cosmetics to fill in thin eyebrows. If you already have thick and full brows, getting it shaped and trimmed produces an appealing streamlined and neat result.



While moisturizer may not fit into beginners make up tips for dark skin tone, it is an important part of maintaining a healthy complexion. It is also important to moisturize before applying any makeup, wait at least two minutes after moisturizing before applying primer. Always remove make up and impurities at the end of the day. A gentle cleanser and toner can easily remove foundation to mascara. Invest in a good moisturizer applied before primer and foundation. Your cream or lotion must contain an SPF to protect against damages caused by the sun. This ensures the proper protective measures are in place to keep your skin looking clean, clear and youthful.


Regardless of your age or experience in cosmetics, everyone can learn how to apply and choose make up to suit their needs and complexions. The darker skin tone can get away with virtually any color of make up particularly bright shades.


If you are a beginner in applying make up, practice with various shades and brands to find cosmetic combinations that best achieve the desired outcome. Quality products and investing in the necessary time can produce a natural enhancement for any event.

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