Beauty Must-Haves for Black Girls

Most of these beauty products work for every woman but there are some products a Caucasian can do without that a black girl has to have to completely slay. This is not a bad thing, it’s just because of the difference that ranges in the texture of the hair to the amount of melanin. This beauty must-haves for black girls is not a myth, they can actually help you maintain a snatched look all day without trying too hard.

The purpose of makeup is to conceal minor flaws and improve the appearance of your best features. We help you make the best enhancement choices for the beautiful dark complexion.

1. Foundation

Available in various shades from light caramel to deep dark chocolate, the foundation is a staple in the cosmetics wardrobe. They help provide all over cover for a natural and even tone assisting in covering pigmentation and similar problems.

Popular brands including Black Opal, NYX and commercial ranges offer quality applications for smooth and consistent results. Always examine your undertones and select shades that match cooler, neutral or warm tones. Match the foundation to your neck to ensure cover provides a complimentary tone between your face and body.

2. Concealer

A major skin concern of most black girls is skin discolorations. We have to go through a lot of mornings and nighttime routine just to get our skin as even as possible and then the slightest sun exposure or any night we mistakenly go to bed with makeup brings us back to square one.

That’s why we swear by concealer. Concealer helps to cover those stubborn blemishes most foundations cant cover and also help in color correcting those dreadful dark circles under the eyes and around the mouth area.

For dark spots and unwanted pigmentation, a pigment correcting treatment is an important beauty must-have. Lytera has released a pigment control and diminishing product to remove dark spots and produce a beautifully smooth and even complexion.

3. Red Lipstick

Red is the sexiest color. There are some days when no matter how much your foundation is well done or your eye shadow is well blended, You still won’t feel your very best. All you need to lift such days is a good red lipstick.

A good red lipstick can solve all makeup problems. It is also important to note that there is a different shade of red and each shade works better with your skin tone. Make sure you pick the perfect shade of red for your undertone.

4. Makeup Wipes

In as much as we love to makeup and skin, for some reason taking off makeup after a long day seems to be one of the most difficult things to do. Yes, I know it takes a few minutes but somehow a lot of us just find it hard to take it off.

I really don’t know if its a curse or something, that why wipes are on the top of the list of beauty must-haves for black girls. Its best to have a proper skincare routine at the end of the day especially after applying to make up but on those lazy days, it’s okay to use a wipe. Yes, its okay, one-day won’t hurt anybody.

5. Sunscreen

For some reason, most black people think because we have melanin we are therefore immune to sunburn or sun-related skin issue. Black skin may possess more pigmentation making it less susceptible to sun damage but this does not mean that you are not at risk at all. 

Daily UV exposure accelerates the aging process, increases wrinkle formation and dries your skin. Investing in a good moisturizer with an SPF must be applied regularly and provide hydration and optimum levels of protection against intense sunlight.

Sun is a major cause of most skin problems from under eye dark circle to early wrinkles and even skin cancer. Sunscreen should be an important part of your daily routine. It is also important to avoid sunscreen if you are going out on a night out and will be taking pictures. This is to avoid flashbacks.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer moisturizer is a great addition to dark skin tones. The smooth creamy formulation goes on easy and absorbs quickly ensuring you remain protected against harsh UV light.

6. Got-2b hair glue

Oh how I love this wig era, you can absolutely be whoever you want to be and even look however you want to depend on your mood. Most black girls wear wigs 95% of the time, either to protect their natural hair or just to have a different look per mood. Got-2b glue or spray will keep your wig intact all day.

7. Setting Powder

To have a perfect finish, every girl should use a setting powder. Whether you have a dry , combination or oily skin. The amount of time you allow the powder set depends on your skin type. You only need to set the makeup for a few seconds if you have dry skin and up to 10 mins if you have oily skin.

Every black girl should use a banana setting powder to avoid looking ashy like most translucent powders tend to do. Powders like Ben Nye banana powder, Sacha buttercup setting powder, ColourPop banana powder, HudaBeauty’s kunafa setting powders should be your go-to. Definitely one of my favorite beauty must-haves for black girls.

8. Edge Control

Because of the texture of black hair, it’s just really hard to get that sleek ponytail. The normal black girl hair is wild in the nicest way though. Grab yourself an edge control with an old toothbrush and tame those edges. 

9. Petroleum Jelly

No questions needed, just have petroleum jelly in your bag at all times. this little magic will save you from ashy feet, dry hands to chapped lips. This is hands down on the top of the list of beauty must-haves for black girls.

10. Mascara

Play up those gorgeous lashes and eyes by investing in deep rich black mascara. If you do not possess those naturally defining long eyelashes, purchasing quality artificial lashes will create a dramatic effect. Loreal offers incredible lash voluminous mascara in black shades to plump those lashes while showing off your beautiful eyes. Mascara combines with eyeliner will produce a wide-eyed appearance while eye shadow is best complemented using mascara.

11. kajal

Growing up in the black home the first make up a black mother will introduce you to is kajal, now widely known as eyeliner, applied on the waterline.  They believe it gives a younger-looking appearance, and Yes it does.

The application of eyeliner produces the most attractive results when enhancing the appearance of your eyes. If you wish to steer clear of traditional black liners, consider beautiful blue, purple or bronze eyeliner.

It might be bold in color but these alternative shades look striking on a dark complexion. Be sure to apply a primer and keep your under eyes properly hydrated to prevent smudges.

Keeping these wonderful beauty must-haves for black girls will ensure you always maintain a beautiful appeal by concealing flaws while enhancing your best facial features for any occasion.

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